In a world ruled by a family of feuding spirits the choices of one boy will change the destiny of heaven and earth.

The Wild Kingdoms is a series of stories set in a world of divine spirits, humankind and animals. It is based on the mythology, legend and folklore of the Yoruba people of Nigeria and has been over 14 years in the making. During its development The Wild Kingdoms has been re.imagined as musical theatre, an online trading card game, a short film and a physical card game.  Despite all the incarnations though it remains one thing…

“A versified tale brief in telling, of births, deaths, mankind’s swelling kingdoms
Spiritual complications, love, betrayal and warring nations”

This site contains parts of the story, illustrations, text and sounds from the first part of of the series: The Battle of the Wordsmiths. The site has been designed so that the story can be “explored” as opposed to “read”. We hope you enjoy the journey.