The Orisha Egbe or Heaven's Council


Olorun, Owner of the Sky, King of Heaven

Iku, Spirit of Death

Eshu, Spirit of Transformation

Obatala, King of the White Cloth

Olokun, Spirit of the Ocean

Ila Oorun, The Spirit of the East, Spirit of Wisdom

Iwo Oorun, The Spirit of the West, Nurturing Spirit

Ariwa, The Spirit of the North, Ancestral Spirit

Guusu, The Spirit of the South, Spirit of Renewal

Babaluiaye, Spirit of Infectious Disease

Oya, Spirit of the Wind

Ogun, Spirit of Iron

Shango, Spirit of Lightning

Oshooshi, Spirit of the Hunter

Amoka, Spirit of the Sun

Orunmila, Spirit of Destiny

Agemo, The Chameleon, Messenger of Olorun

Ant Army Attacks

The Ant Army

Two ants became four, eight, sixteen, thirty two

So it continued, as my ant army grew

Ten leagues long and six leagues wide,

There was no easy way out, and no place to hide.